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1. Financial securities:

The firm has provided legal services for joint-stock restructuring, publishing, listing, and issuing H and A shares for the following enterprises or companies:

(1)    Guangzhou Shipyard International Co., Ltd. (H and A shares);

(2)    China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. (H and A shares, and secondary public offeinrg);

(3)    Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (H and A shares);

(4)    Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (A shares, allotment);

(5)    Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (listing as a whole)

(6)    Guangzhou Lonkey Industrial Co., Ltd. (A shares, allotment);

(7)    Guangzhou Dongfang Hotel Co., Ltd. (A shares);

(8)    Guangzhou Pearl River Industrial Development Holdings Co., Ltd. (A shares);

(9)    Guangzhou Hengyun Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (A shares);

(10)  Guangzhou Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (A shares, allotment, and asset reorganization);

(11)  Hedy Holding Co., Ltd. (A shares and targeted additional shares issuance);

(12)  GZI Transport Limited (spin-off listing in Singapore);

(13)  China Refrigeration Industry Co., Ltd. (listing in Hong Kong);

(14)  Guangdong Apollo (Group) Co., Ltd. (listing in Hong Kong);

(15)  Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust (listing in Hong Kong);

(16)  Shinhint Industries Limited (listing in Hong Kong);

(17)  Rainbow Brothers Holdings Limited (listing in Hong Kong);

(18)  Finance Bureau of Nansha District, Land Development Center of Nansha District (loan of nearly RMB50 billion);

(19)  MTU Maintenance Zhuhai Co., Ltd. at Zhuhai Free Trade Zone (project financing of USD95 million);

(20)  Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd. (project financing)

(21)  Guangzhou Yihe Group Co., Ltd. (overseas project financing);

(22)  Guangzhou Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (published A shares and gone public);

(23)  Guangdong Linkfair Group (published A shares and has pre-disclosed);

(24)  Guangdong Feixinda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (New OTCBB);

(25)  Foshan Kefoo Technology Co., Ltd. (New OTCBB);

(26)  Guangdong Borunte Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (New OTCBB);

(27)  Guangzhou Yingguang Technology Co., Ltd. (New OTCBB);

(28)  Dongguan Yongsheng Cables Technology Co., Ltd. (New OTCBB).


2. Asset and debt reorganization:

The main asset and debt reorganization projects involving our lawyers include:

(1)    Overseas debt discharge of Guangzhou International Trust and Investment Corp.;

(2)    Asset reorganization of Everbright Asset Trusteeship Co., Ltd.;

(3)    Asset reorganization of Guangdong Lixin Computer Technology Co., Ltd.;

(4)    Equity transfer, restructuring of Peugeot and the joint-venture project with Guangzhou Honda;

(5)    Overseas capital injection and restructuring project of Guangzhou Yuexiu Group Co., Ltd.;

(6)    Debt reorganization of Huayang Industry;

(7)    Debt reorganization of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


3. Project acquisition, asset acquisition, and M&A:

Our lawyers have participated in numerous equity and contractual joint venture projects from the early stage of China's reform and opening up and have made great efforts in China’s legislation on foreign investment. The projects in which our lawyers have provided legal services on project acquisition, asset acquisition, and M&A include:

(1)    Engine maintenance (MTU Maintenance Zhuhai Co., Ltd. at Zhuhai Free Trade Zone);

(2)    Airplane maintenance (Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd.);

(3)    M&A of Peace Mark by Chow Tai Fook Group (domestic equity acquisition);

(4)    Capital injection into Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. by Hong Kong Tongxing Pharmaceutical Limited;

(5)    M&A of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. by Alliance Boots;

(6)    M&A of Guangzhou Baiyunshan Qiaoguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. by Baxter International Inc.;

(7)    M&A of a Guangzhou project of Evergrande Real Estate Group by New World China Land Limited;

(8)    M&A of projects in Sichuan Province, and in Kunming, Baotou, Xi’an, Beijing, and Zhengzhou by Guangzhou Yihe Group Co., Ltd.

(9)    Acquisition of projects and equity of Hong Kong Tai Tong Machinery Group in Shanghai, Guangdong, Xiamen, and other areas by Phillips;

(10)  Acquisition of pharmaceutical companies in Foshan, Changsha, Guangxi, Shaanxi, Chengdu, Hainan, and other areas by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.;

(11)  Acquisition of Guangzhou ZhongSheng Pharmaceutical Factory by First Factory of Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine;

(12)  Execute investments and issue legal opinions involving domestic rights pertaining to the acquisition of Hualing Group Co., Ltd. by Media International Corporation Company Limited;

(13)  Acquisition of Sunway Building Materials by Goldman Sachs Strategic Investments (Asia) L.L.C.;

(14)  Acquisition of Yunti Villa at Baiyun Airport and Yulong Bay in Kunming by Guangzhou Yihe Group;

(15)  Legal issues related to acquiring Guangzhou Tianyuan Investment Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jindongyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Sancheng Economic Development Co., Ltd. through bidding by Hong Kong Guangdong Investment Co., Ltd.;

(16)  Acquisition of Car City on Huangpu Avenue East, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City by Guangzhou Dexin Real Estate Co., Ltd.;

(17)  Acquisition of South International Commercial Building by Guangdong Zhuguang Group;

(18)  M&A of a domestic company by Singapore Dayuan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.;

(19)  M&A of Lijiang Derun Project by Hong Kong New World Development (China) Co., Ltd.;

(20)  M&A of Huangboluo Automobile Service Corporation by TOYOTA Tsusho Corporation;

(21)  M&A of Foshan Dahao Lake Project by Hong Kong New World Development (China) Co., Ltd.;

(22)  M&A of Nansha Water Project by Guangdong Holdings Limited;

(23)  Acquisition of Datansha Land by Guangzhou Xinyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.;

(24)  Acquisition of 100% of equity of Wuhan Media by GRG Banking;

(25)  Acquisition of assets and land projects of Xingchen Company by Zhuhai Primy Co., Ltd.


4. Real estate

Our lawyers have been involved in real estate operations from as early as the mid 1980s and have participated in the real estate development projects of Wuyang New Town, Baiyunbao Garden, Baiyun Teachers’ New Village, southern China projects of New World China Land Limited and Summer Palace Golf Chateau, as well as the drafting of standard form contracts for real estate pre-sale and commercial housing sale for the Guangzhou Municipal Housing Administration Bureau. We have also provided legal services for the joint venture projects of dozens of domestic real estate developers of Yuexiu Group Co., Ltd., and the Hong Kong listing of Yuexiu Real Estate Investment Trust. Our current long-term real estate clients include:

(1)    New World China Land Limited;

(2)    Guangzhou Yihe Group Co., Ltd.;

(3)    Zhuguang Holdings Group Co., Ltd.


5. Transport capital construction

We have provided legal services for the Guangzhou North Second Ring Road project, spin-off listing of Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure Limited, equity disposal for Qingyuan-Lianzhou Highway, Dingnan Highway cooperative project, Guangzhou expressway project, etc.

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