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Introduction to international legal service

Today, China is dramatically transitioning from source of exportation to destination of consumption. The demand of Chinese consumers is increasingly diversified with consumption capability explosively expanding. The transition of Chinese economy provided unprecedented opportunities to the Entrepreneurs from all over the world. As legal professionals, we provide to the Entrepreneurs from all over the world who want to do business in China the legal counsel service which is guided by business strategy, founded by valuable intellectual property and focused on precise assessment of legal risks. In present China, the proportion of the wealth created by laws, such as IP right and franchise, among the total social wealth are going up rapidly. In the context of a burgeoning consumption market full of opportunities and challenges, we assist the Entrepreneurs from all over the world to overcome legal obstacles, create valuable IP rights and win admirable business success in Chinese market with characteristic and innovative business models.


For a long period, we provide effective, cost transparent legal counsel service to business of different operation models.

(1) legal counsel service to Offshore operation

Offshore operation is a manner of low risk & cost for entering Chinese market. When the entrepreneurs are not sure about the prospect of their products or service in Chinese market, they may opt to run their business through offshore operations. Per different business models under offshore operation, we provide customized legal service.


Business Model (a) selling products via the manner of international trade

Under such business model, the companies which operate offshore usually contract several sales agencies in China for selling their products. We assist the companies to draft business contract, supervise the performance of the contract, participate in business negotiation and provide solutions to contract disputes.


Business Model (b) providing service from abroad

Those companies which engaged in service industry, such as design firm and advertising company, frequently provide service to China from abroad. We assist such clients to draft business contracts, supervise the performance of the contract, participate in business negotiation, protect the IP involved and to resolve contract disputes if any.


Business Model (c) Franchise from abroad

Under such business model, the holder of a foreign brand or franchise licenses the brand or franchise to Chinese companies. We assist such clients to register and protect their IP in China, draft licensing agreement, prepare due diligence report, supervise the performance of licensing contract, participate in business negotiation, solve contract disputes and to strengthen the value of the licensing.

(2) Legal counsel service to local operation

The entrepreneurs from all over the world set up their business in china is the manner to enter Chinese market by local operation. In accordance with different stages of local operation, we make efforts to provide legal service which is guided by business strategy and proactive for development.


(a)Start up stage

The number of employees in startup companies are small, and the companies rely primarily on mutual trust rather than company regulation to manage the daily operation of the company. The IPs are frequently the most valuable asset of the startup companies. For startup companies, we assist our clients to setup the business in appropriate form, to design the company articles and shareholding structure, to protect the essential IP, to develop a risk control mechanism for legal representatives, and to review the basic management and business contract of the client.


(b)Seed stage

The companies in seed stage reach certain scale which request comprehensive rules & regulations in management. With the rapid development of business, new staffs are continuously being employed. We help our clients to enact company regulations and staff manuals, deal with labor relations, assist the HR to draft labor contracts and setup reasonable remuneration structure. We also assist our clients at seed stage to draft business contracts, participate business negotiation, improve IP management and protection institutions, and to deal with litigation and labor arbitration issues.


(c) Growth stage

The companies at growth stage are in great need of financing from bank or capital market to rapidly push the growth of company income and market share. Meanwhile, per the request of capital markets, the compliance requirements of company government are strengthened. We assist the clients at growth stage to improve company governance, standardize the operation of shareholder meeting and board meeting, advise on bank or capital market finance. The legal affairs of the company at growth stage are turning more and more complicated, however, the effective management and protection of the core IP of the company remains the emphasis of the legal works of the stage.

International legal service team of Z&T LAW FIRM

Z&T International legal service are provided by a group of innovation inspired lawyers. The characteristics of the team are as follows,


First, the lawyers are fluent in English and experienced in practice of litigation.

The lawyers in international legal service team are fluent in English and experienced in litigation practice. The lawyers strive to draft the contracts in concise manner but with practical effects. A long and elegant wording contract which shows no practical effects on protecting client’s contractual right will be meaningless. Z&T lawyers’ rich experience in local litigation benefits greatly to the practical effects of their non-litigation legal works, such as drafting business contracts.


Second, Z&T international legal service are in great advantage compared with similar service provided by international law firms in respect of billable rate and communication efficiency.

Many European or U.S. client used to handle their legal affairs in China through international law firms. The billable rate of international law firms is high and the communication between the lawyer who actually handle the case and the client are often not satisfactory. Z&T international legal service provides more affordable service to their international clients compared with international law firms. Meanwhile, by flexibly adjusting the working time, our lawyers may avail the time difference between Asia and other continents and communicate with international clients directly via internet conference efficiently.


Third, Z&T international legal service is guided by business sense and strategy

Z&T international legal service team focuses on business law for a long period and practices with sharp sense of business. Profits always go along with risks. Z&T international legal service is not about simply telling international entrepreneurs what not to do but provides solutions to reach the business strategy within the compliance framework. Z&T international legal service is guided by business strategy, founded by intellectual property, and focused on precise assessment of legal risks.

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