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Xiuwei Ma

Xiuwei Ma

Practice Areas:Civil & Commercial Litigation; Corporate Legal Counsel
Email:13005145188 @163.com

Education Background

2003-2008  Renmin University of China, Bachelor degree in law;


Career Background

2003- 2005  Hong Kong Jardine Matheson Group Guangzhou Branch, Manager of Administration and Legal Affair Dept

2005-2013  Guangzhou Hello Bar Co., LTD.  Manager of Legal Affair Dept

2013-2018  Z&T Law Firm,  Lawyer


Professional Experience

Attorney Ma is familiar with the operation mode of large enterprises, having strong logical reasoning and practical ability. In recent years, Attorney Ma have been providing annual legal services to nearly ten large and medium-sized enterprises, making risk prediction in advance and proposing measures to avoid risks, properly solving internal and external disputes, taking part in planning and establishing personnel management system for enterprises. The clients include Guangdong Lite Engineering Machinery Co. ,Ltd., Guangdong Electric Power Development Co. ,Ltd., Guangzhou Pearl River Foreign Capital Architecture Design Institute, Guangzhou Aosheng Grass Manufacture Co., Ltd.


In recent years, Attorney Ma has handled a large number of civil and commercial lawsuits and arbitration cases. She mainly concentrate on corporate law, contract law, labor law, marriage law and other litigation cases. She acted for a number of foreign-related cases with the dispute target more than 10 million and finally recovered a large amount of property losses for the clients. In terms of non-litigation business, She has participated in several non-litigation projects, such as enterprise reorganization and merger, new three board listed business, etc. For example, participating in the guidance about new three board listing  for Guangzhou Aoshengren Grass Manufacture Co., LTD.

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