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Bifang Li

Bifang Li

Practice Areas:Civil & Commercial Litigation; Corporate Legal Counsel


Work experience

  • 2009-2018, lawyer at Guangdong Z&T Law Firm

Professional Experience

  • Attorney Bifang Li specializes in commercial, economic, and civil litigation and is especially skilled at contract disputes in court and counseling in disputes in relation to corporate contracts.
  • With rich experience and profound knowledge in law, Attorney Bifang  Li maintains an extraordinary win rate in legal proceedings and the rate of mediation and the dismissal of charges.  
  • Attorney Bifang Li serves as a legal adviser to several enterprises and institutions and is especially experienced in contract design, review, negotiation and dispute resolution. Diligenent, meticulous, conscientious and responsible, Attorney Bifang Li has gained recognition from clients in the process of protecting and maximizing their interests.

Representative Cases

  • Contract dispute during the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Project between a concrete company in Guangzhou and the Geological Construction Engineering Group Corporation of Guangdong Province.
  • Dispute on the leasing contract between a technology development company in Guangdong and Qingyuan Dingkun Technology Development Co., Ltd.
  • Contract dispute between a resin company in Guangzhou and Fujian Honglin Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Labor arbitration between a plastics company in Guangzhou and Chen, Lu, and Lei.
  • Brand infringement disputes of a Chinese medicine company against Guangxi Shuangyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Contract dispute between a chemical building materials company in Guangzhou and Guangzhou Jianfeng Concrete Co., Ltd.

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